Sharing a Folder as a Different Name under Windows 7

With Windows 7, you wish to share a folder (directory) on the network but to have the network view of that folder given a different name. For example, you might wish to share the to local directories <C:\first\share\> and <C:\second\share\> respectively as <\\my-machine\share-1\> and <\\my-machine\share-2\>, in order easily to distinguish them.

It is not difficult to achieve, but, like so many things on Windows 7, it’s not obvious.

Firstly, just share the folder as usual. So, [right-click] the folder’s icon to bring up the context menu, and select [Properties]. Select the [Sharing] tab, and click the [Share…] button. Set up the appropriate permissions, and click the [Share] button.

Now the folder is shared with the same name as the directory.

Back on the [Sharing] tab of the folder’s property dialog, click the [Advanced Sharing…] button. Click [Add] and enter the name of the share you’d like to use. Then select the default name from the drop-down list, and click [Remove].


3 Responses to “Sharing a Folder as a Different Name under Windows 7”

  1. Monex Says:

    Fortunately VirtualBox makes the sharing of files between guests and a host system easy through a feature known as Shared Folders. VirtualBox Shared Folders allow files residing on the host system to be accessed by guest operating systems running in virtual machines. In addition assuming adequate permissions are granted on the shared folder the guest is also able to transfer files onto the host by copying them into the shared folder.

  2. Miriam Says:

    thank you!

  3. Mike Says:

    Thank you Rob!

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