Cross-section of Fuel

Here’s another, brief, post on the subject of dimensional analysis; it concerns a curious interpretation of dimensions. [Previous posts concerned statistics and kinematics.]

Consider cars. A typical fuel efficiency is
≈ 40 mpg (miles / gallon [UK])
≈ 14 km / litre = 14 m / cc = 14 mm / mm3

Expressed differently (taking the reciprocal), this is about
≈ 4 fl oz [UK] / mi
≈ 70 ml / km = 70 cc / km = 70 mm3 / m
≈ 70,000 μ2 = 70,000 μm2 = 0.07 mm2

What’s that? It’s a unit of area.

If you imagine forming a tube of fuel as the car uses it (as the car goes along), then that’s the tube’s cross-sectional area.


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