Some Useful SVN Links

Here are some SVN-related links:


SVN home page (with a statement of the latest stable release)

The SVN book

SVN downloads:
Windoze binaries

SVN roadmap

Release notes: e.g.:
SVN 1.5: <>
SVN 1.6: <>
CHANGES file in the SVN source repository

The trunk of the SVN source repository

SVN users mailing list:
on Apache;
on Haxx.


T-SVN home page

T-SVN binaries downloads

T-SVN users mailing list:
on Haxx.

Stefan’s Blog


The official MIME type directory (for svn:mime-type property)

See also my post on SVN tools.


One Response to “Some Useful SVN Links”

  1. Rob Says:

    2010-06-15: updated links from Tigris to Apache

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