SVN Ignores, and MSDEV

What should be in the global configuration file? There does not seem to be a standard file, but I’d suggest setting up global ignores based upon the following if you use Micro$oft Developer Studio:

global-ignores =
  *.user *.suo *.ncb
  obj bin
  [Rr]elease [Dd]ebug
  [Rr]elease[Uu] [Dd]ebug[Uu] Release_Unicode Debug_Unicode
  [Ll]ib[Dd]ebug[Uu] [Ll]ib[Rr]el[Uu] [Ll]ib[Rr]elease[Uu]
  *___[Ww]in32_[Rr]elease *___[Ww]in32_[Dd]ebug
  *___[Ww]in32_[Rr]elease[Uu] *___[Ww]in32_[Dd]ebug[Uu]
  *.dll *.exe *.exp *.lib *.pdb
  ~*.doc *.tmp
  UpgradeLog.XML _UpgradeReport_Files

This is only a guide; it is by no means a complete or definitive set.


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