Automating TortoiseSVN

Sometimes it’s useful to show another engineer some changes. Seeing this in a GUI is often the easiest format. Should you use the command-line SVN (Subversion) client, or the T-SVN (TortoiseSVN) GUI?

Neither! Use the command-line interface to T-SVN.

For example, for changes made to project “http://repos/project/trunk/” at revision 1234, use:

start TortoiseProc.exe /command:diff
    /startrev:1233 /endrev:1234

and for the changes made between releases 1.22 and 1.23 (perhaps to help the author of the release notes):

start TortoiseProc.exe /command:showcompare
    /url1:"http://repos/project/tags/v1_22" /revision1:HEAD
    /url2:"http://repos/project/tags/v1_23" /revision2:HEAD

The “start” is just to run the command in a separate window (process).


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