Trigonometric Mnemonic

At school we had a saying with which to remember the trigonometric forms:

  • \sin(\vartheta) = O/H
  • \cos(\vartheta) = A/H, and
  • \tan(\vartheta) = O/A

in a right-angled triangle, where

  • \vartheta is one of the other angles
  • O is the short side opposite the angle
  • A is the short side adjacent to the angle, and
  • H is the hypotenuse (the long side).

The saying was

Some Old Horses
Can Always Hear
Their Owners Approach.


One Response to “Trigonometric Mnemonic”

  1. Justin Says:

    Alphabetically Cosine, Sine, Tangent A Happy Old Heap Of Apples
    Cos (A/H) Sin (O/H) Tan (O/A)

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