SVN Tip: Custom Ignores

If you have files in your working copy that you want to ignore, but they’re not of one of the ignored types in the SVN <config> file in <C:Documents and SettingsusernameApplication DataSubversion> (on Micro$oft Windoze) and are specific to you and therefore not appropriate for the <svn:ignore> property either, what can you do?

One possibility is to add two more entries to the <config> file thus:

global-ignores = *__.* *__

Then, if you have a file (or directory) in your working copy that you wish to keep, but not to version control, just bung a couple of underscores in the filename at the end or before a dot.

myfile.txt  ~>  myfile__.txt
output  ~>  output__

A couple of underscores near the end of the filename is my preference (either before or after the extension). You might prefer an alternative scheme.

(One alternative scheme is to have underscores at the start of the filename. However, that also has the effect of moving the filenames to the start of a listing, which may not always be desirable.)


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